8100 X-POWER 10W60

A$ 26.59 AUD

Motul 8100 X-Power stands as a 100% synthetic engine oil of exceptional performance, boasting an SAE viscosity rating of 10w60. Expertly formulated to cater to vehicles housing high-performance naturally aspirated, as well as turbocharged or supercharged petrol or diesel engines, this oil excels on multiple fronts.

The 8100 X-Power showcases heightened resilience against deposits and provides robust anti-wear protection, ensuring a prolonged shield for your engine. This contributes to both the longevity of engine protection and the maintenance of stable oil pressure.

Distinguished by an amplified oil film thickness, the 8100 X-Power effectively minimizes burn-off within the combustion chamber while also acting as a preventative measure against oil leaks in engines that have accumulated higher mileage.

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